UroDry Program Info

UroDry Program Info

Welcome to the UroDry Program

If you are living with the effects of Spinal Cord Injury, Paraplegia, Multiple Sclerosis or have suffered with Prostate Cancer or any condition that may cause incontinence, UroDry may be able to help. To see if the UroDry Program will fit your needs, order a trial offer today or call us at 888-391-7132.

Sign Up for the Program

The UroDry Program makes it easy to buy your monthly supplies. Once you find the product that fits your lifestyle, sign up for monthly shipments. You can cancel at anytime and receive a full refund if your insurance has not been billed. We charge your credit card for the order and bill your insurance for you. Your insurance will reimburse you directly.

Trial Products

See the offers below to get started on your trial of UroDry products. Let us help you stay dry.

Product Name Quantity Trial Plan Order

(15 days use)

$31.95 Order Here
(4days use + leg bag)
$24.95 Order Here

External Catheter & Leg Bag
(3 days use) 1 leg bag

$19.95 Order Here
(15 day use )
$12.95 Order Here

Clamps 2

$94.95 Order Here