Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Question: My AlphaDry slipped off, why does that happen?

Slip off is a common problem with all condom catheters.  Here are a few reasons this may happen and some solutions that may help you wear the AlphaDry .  The number one solution is, don’t give up.  It may take a while to get the hang of wearing a condom catheter successfully.

  • The AlphaDry and penis need to be completely dry and clean before applying
  • Make sure to roll the condom portion of the AlphaDry all the way until you see the T-valve, before putting the AlphaDry on.
  • If the penis is retracted or shrinks in length, you may need to use alternate methods. Give us a call so that we can help you figure out which options will work best for you.
    The Trial Offer of AlphaDry comes with an Options Kit.  Included in this kit are, Coban wrap that may take the place of the Velcro strap, and a Gel Strip that can help the AlphaDry stay on.  See the Video if you’re having trouble understanding the directions that came with the Options Kit.
  • If wearing the AlphaDry in the standard position (sideways), valves may get kinked and cause back pressure causing the AlphaDry to come off. Try wearing the AlphaDry straight down the leg in boxer brief type underwear or compression shorts.  These are available on the web site.
  • If wearing the AlphaDry straight down, the latex may get caught on the leg and cause slippage when going from a sitting to a standing position.  Try using stockinet, available in the Options section of web site.
  • If you are not circumcised, make sure to pull the foreskin all the way forward towards head of penis before applying the AlphaDry.
  • Tighter is not necessarily better.  If the AlphaDry is too small or too large it may slip off.  The AlphaDry should be relatively easy to put on and comfortable when on.  If you’ve ordered the wrong size the first time, call us for a free replacement size after measuring.

Question: Why is the AlphaDry difficult to put on?

  • Flaccidity is a common complaint when trying to apply the AlphaDry.  After rolling the AlphaDry all the way down to the T-valves, place the AlphaDry barely touching the head of the penis.  Make sure not to try and push the condom part on or push the penis into the condom.  Gently roll the bead upward towards your body, unrolling the condom easily as you go.  
  • Tighter is not better.  It makes the AlphaDry difficult to get on and may cause slip off.  An accurate measurement may tell you that you have the wrong size.  Use the measurement guide that came with the Options Kit or download the guide from the web site.   The right size AlphaDry should be relatively easy to put on and comfortable when on.
AlphaDry Sizes GeeWhiz and Standard condom catheter sizes Circumference Measurement in mm Circumference Measurement in inches
# 10023   (* 25mm)    75-79 mm     2 15/16" - 3 1/8"  
# 10025   (* 29mm)    80-88 mm      3 1/8"     - 3 1/2"  
# 10027   (* 32mm)    89-90 mm        3 1/2"     - 3 15/16"
# 10030   (* 36mm)   101-110 mm     3 15/16" - 4 3/8"
# 10034   (* 41mm)   111-120 mm     4 3/8"     - 4 3/4"

Question: I like the AlphaDry and it works for me, but it doesn’t hold enough.  I have to get up at night to empty it.  Is there another option for me?

  • The AlphaDry also comes with a flip valve that hooks to a bedside bag for extra capacity.

Question: I have latex allergies, but I don’t want to wear a leg bag. Is there a non-latex version of the AlphaDry?

  • There is not a non-latex version of the AlphaDry, but there is an alternative to wearing a leg bag.  The Simplicity is a leg bag replacement that fits in your underwear.  It attaches to a standard type condom catheter and holds 400ml or a little more than 13oz.
  • If you must wear a leg bag, the Better Pant is available as an option.  Better Pants are a longer legged boxer type brief with a pocket.  The leg bag sits in an inner pocket within the pant leg and is worn comfortably without straps.

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